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We're so glad you've decided to check us out.  If you are thinking about a visit to Southland Community Church, let us help you relax with a few things you might be wondering.

We trust our website will answer your questions about what we believe, the ministries and classes we offer, but most importantly, how we can help you be a growing disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Prayer is

Beginning April18

We talk about the importance of prayer all the time.  But, why pray if God already knows what I need?  What is supposed to happen when I pray?  There are hundreds of examples of praying in the Bible.  Does God really care about the stuff I pray about?  Actually, prayer is one of the greatest gifts God gives me because through prayer I experience all of God’s blessings.  Jesus provided an outline for us to use as a guide to prayer in His Sermon on the Mount.  We will unpack His teaching to discover why and how God wants us to pray.

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5800 West Smith Valley Rd.

Greenwood, IN 46142

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Monday - Friday | 8AM - 4PM

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