Grow In Your Faith


Do you ever look at your life's journey and wonder, "What's next?" At Southland Community Church, we think this is a great question to ask!  When someone begins to ask this about their faith journey, it means they are interested in growing - and that's our mission - helping people experience a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. So join us in this mission.  There are many "next steps".  Different steps for different journeys, but we say the best place to start is by taking that first step.  


Summer Evening Series | SUMMER @ SIX

Worship Center | In-person AND Online

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"Reaching Out To A Lost World"

Jack McMahon

June 6th, 13th and 27th

We all know people in our lives that are lost and unchurched. Our families...our friends...our co-workers...our neighbors, people we may see every day. How can we reach them...minister to them and ultimately win them to Christ? We will explore and consider ourselves...our lives...and maybe our approach. 

"The Spirit-Filled Life"

Charles Lake 

July 11th - August 8th

There are Christians who view the Christian life as a constant struggle on a spiritual battlefield. Others view it as “a piece of cake” while dodging

some of the expectations of Christ-likeness. Which is it? Christ claimed to come for the purpose of giving us life more abundant. How does one go about finding that quality of life? Come to understand The Spirit-Filled Life and it will neither be a hard or easy way to live. It will be the exciting challenge of keeping step with the Spirit, bearing the fruit of the Spirit, and reaping the untold blessings of doing so.

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"A Big-Enough God"

Mark and Rebecca Suter

August 15th - August 29th

Taking a fresh look at who God really is and discovering he is more than big enough, even in a world like ours.


  • Reconnect with the power of God.

  • Relax in the nearness of God.

  • Rely on the knowledge of God.


How big is God? More than big enough!

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Got kids and grandkids??? We can't wait to spend our summer evenings with them too! Just like a backyard barbecue, we want to know who to plan for! Will you take a quick moment to let us know if you will be utilizing our Southland Kids' Zone during Summer @ Six?

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Bible Study

Book of Luke

The Gospel of Luke

Sundays | 10:15 AM

Location | Room 14


This is the perfect time to join Madelyn and this group as they study God's word.  This class meets in room 18,  10:15 AM each Sunday. No registration required.

Bible Study Fellowship

Tuesdays | 6:00 PM

Each week throughout the school year, men 18+ come together to study the bible, learn from one another and be encouraged to live for something larger than themselves.  As a class member you will spend time in personal study of the scriptures each week.  During class, you will join men in a small-group discussion after a lesson is taught by a leader. 


For more information on BSF for MEN, please contact Roger Miller.

Men's Study & Weekly Breakfast

Thursday | 6:30 AM

 Location | Denny's | 8901 US 31 North | Indpls.        

Start your Thursday morning off right with breakfast and a great discussion. These men dig deeper into God's word and discover the applications of the truth to their own walk with the Lord.


Contact Larry Jensen for more information.