Serving Your CHurch & Community

Every week, Southland's volunteers give their time and skills to serve others. Greeting, ushering, running cameras, leading kids' worship, etc. This gift of time and skill makes all the difference at Southland. We believe that no matter who you are, you fit somewhere on our volunteer teams. We would love for the opportunity to help you find that fit. If you'd like to learn about our teams and available opportunities, contact us!


Local and global outreach gets Southland pretty excited. We love following Jesus' command to "make disciples of all nations." To us that includes reaching people outside the United States as well as our local communities and the surrounding areas. Each month we have a program called "Global Impact" where we hear from someone serving in a mission ministry locally or around the world. In addition, each year we conduct a two-week celebration to connect with our local and global mission partners. We have built a relationship with four global partners and two local partners to help us fulfill our calling to care for the world.


We emphasize involvement in mission ministry through three avenues: prayer, going and giving. We pray for the people of the world as well as missionaries that come from Southland. We go on short-term mission trips annually as well as challenge people to consider God's call to full-time missionary service somewhere in the world. In addition, we volunteer regularly with our local mission partners. We give through faith promise, an offering received throughout the year from the people of Southland who have been led to give to mission ministry. All of this is to see lives transformed through the grace of Jesus.

Our Local Mission Partners



Our Global Mission Partners