4G | The Series

4G | The Series

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Our mission is to be and make growing followers of Jesus Christ. What is a growing follower of Jesus? We define it with four G’s: a person who has received God’s GRACE, who is GROWING in their faith, who GIVES of themselves to God’s design and who GOES to share the gospel with the world.

January 10| GRACE

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The first step in becoming a growing follower of Jesus is to experience God’s grace. Grace is the unearned favor of God on your life. It starts with honesty on our part and a willingness to have God open our eyes to the truth about the person we are right now. That’s the place where we find God’s forgiveness. But He doesn’t stop there. God continues to pour out His amazing grace on our lives every minute of every day. To prepare, read Romans 5 and Ephesians 2:1-10.

January 17| GROW

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The second step in becoming a growing follower of Jesus is found in the statement itself. While God loves us right where we are, He doesn’t want to leave us there. We can feel like complete failures in life, but God is ready to show us the way to wholeness, peace and a sense of real purpose. How do I increase in my understanding of God? How can my life get better as a result? How does God take me to the “next level” in my family, my work and my relationships? To prepare, read Luke 8:1-15.

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