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Good News | Christmas at Southland 2020

Good News

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If there is anything we need right now, it’s some good news. Fortunately, Christmas is coming at just the right time to give us what we need. When the angel announced to the shepherds that God had come to the world, he said it was “good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” What was the good news for them and how does this good news help us now?


November 29 | Old News Is Good News

Isaiah 11:1-10 and Luke 2


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The birth of the Messiah was actually “old news.” They had been talking about it for hundreds of years. So the fact Jesus had finally been born was an old story happening in real time. Who was the subject of this story and why is His birth good news for anyone? Why is this old story good news for me? To prepare, read Isaiah 11:1-10 and Luke 2.

December 6 | Here Comes Joy

Isaiah 12 and Luke 2


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If this good news is true, it comes with a lot of promises. One of the great promises is the joy Jesus will bring to the world...His world and the worlds to come. When the story moves from simply words on a page to an experience in your heart, that’s when the joy comes! To prepare, read Isaiah 12 and Luke 2.

December 13 | There Goes Fear

Isaiah 44:6-8 and Luke 2


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There was a lot of fear in the days of Jesus’ birth. It was much like today. In the midst of crisis, threats and a great deal of social division and violence, a Savior comes to bring peace and reconciliation. When Jesus shows up, the story tells us, fear goes running. To prepare, read Isaiah 44:6-8 and Luke 2.

December 20 | Peace Is Here

Luke 2:13-14


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The world was full of racism, war, hatred and bitterness. People were divided by their culture, their class and their religions. Violence was everywhere and hearts were hard. How would a world be brought together? The love of Christmas. How would hearts find peace? The birth of a Savior. To prepare, read Luke 2:13-14.

December 24 | Read All About It! | Christmas Eve

Luke 2:15-20


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Christmas is not something you keep to yourself. Christmas is meant to be shouted from the rooftops. Christmas must go viral. The shepherds understood that from the first note of the angel song. It’s really good news so it has to be told. To prepare, read Luke 2:15-20.

December 27 | Lighting the Darkness

Luke 2:25-35 and John 1:1-14


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Darkness is often a metaphor for emptiness, loss, discouragement and evil. That was the world Jesus entered. That’s also the world we live in. Jesus comes to dispel the darkness with His light of salvation. That’s the best news of all, that Jesus can lift you out of darkness into His light. To prepare, read Luke 2:25-35 and John 1:1-14.


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