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Mid-Year Missions Celebration

Until The Whole World Knows

Southland is passionate about missions ALL YEAR! Our Mission Leadership Team is looking forward to the first Sunday in May as they remind us all to pray for our mission partners, our missionaries and the importance of your Faith Promise.

May 2 | Jonie Smitley | Samaritan's Purse

*To VIEW this week's sermon, click HERE.

Jonie Smitley serves as an International Disaster Relief Nurse with Samaritan’s Purse, where she has ministered in an emergency field hospital in a war zone in the middle east, a Diphtheria clinic among refugees fleeing genocide in Asia and an Ebola treatment center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to name a few.

When not deployed she works for Warren County as the Emergency Specialist, Pandemic Consultant and Infectious Disease Nurse. She also works per diem as a nursing supervisor at Warren General Hospital.

She has been to over 18 countries, some multiple times, often in settings that are restricted or hostile to the gospel.

One of her greatest joys is working along-side Native American tribes in the Southwest part of the US, a ministry that has been a life-long calling for her.

Her book, Into the Battle: Stories from a Nurse on the Frontlines of War, Pandemic and Disaster has recently been released for sale.

Her passion is to see people come to know the Lord so closely that they would follow Him no matter where He would lead them and that their love for Him would drive out the fear that the enemy tries to use to keep them from receiving the greatest blessings they’ve ever known.


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