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Right Now

Right Now

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The world is rapidly changing. We see events globally, nationally and locally impact our daily lives on many levels. Some events are to be celebrated. Others can create fear and division. We want to address current events from a Christian and biblical perspective. For the next three weeks the news will drive the discussion from Southland’s pulpit. What does the Bible say about what’s happening RIGHT NOW?


June 28th | God's Sovereignty | Acts 4: 23-31


*To VIEW this week's sermon on YouTube, click HERE.

There is a lot going on in the world right now that impacts everyone. Pandemics, riots, injustice, violence…all confusing and troubling. Where is God in the midst of all of this? What should my response be to the current culture? God’s word has a lot to say about His control when everything seems out of control. To prepare, read Acts 4.

July 5 | God Gives Security | Matthew 7:15-29

*To VIEW this week's sermon on YouTube, click HERE.

Crisis, conflict and criticism are things that expose what we build our life upon. If we build our life upon temporal things like money, status or cultural changes, we inevitably experience fear, doubt and discouragement. With all that’s happening in the world “right now,” we are discovering those temporal things don’t provide us the security we’re looking for when times get tough. In God’s design for life, we can walk through all the current difficulties with great confidence, courage and cooperation. How do we achieve that security in a world that seems to be falling apart? To prepare, read Matthew 7:15-29.

July 12 | God Gives Unity | Acts 10:1-11:18; Acts 15:1-20; Romans 1:16; Colossians 3:11

*To VIEW this week's sermon on YouTube, click HERE. One of the major issues we are facing in our communities and country RIGHT NOW is racial unrest. We are bombarded with story after story of injustice and inequity related to race. At the same time, many of those impacted by injustice are using violence to respond. Before we can even have a proper discussion, what is the biblical response to any action motivated by hate or racism? What does the Bible have to say about Jesus’ message regarding our relationships with people who are of a different culture, color or language than us? This Sunday two friends of Southland who are black men, Darnell Wilson and Shannon Richards will join Pastor Steve in unpacking the Bible’s message of reconciliation and unity. To prepare, read Acts 10:1-11:18; Acts 15:1-20; Romans 1:16 and Colossians 3:11.

July 19 | God's Mission | John 13:24-25

*To VIEW this week's sermon on YouTube, click HERE.

We've covered several topics during this "Right Now" series, and there's much more that we just don't have time to cover individually. The good news is that God has a mission for us, the Church, that can address it all. Join us this Sunday to learn more about what that mission is and what role you have to play in it. To prepare, read John 13:24-25.


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