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Jesus made a promise to His followers that He would send His Spirit to fill their hearts. With that “filling” would come a lot of new character qualities and abilities. The life God has designed us to live comes with much opposition. How do we honor God with our all our lives? We are filled!

July 28 | Filled with Guidance | John 14:15-21


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Big decisions are with us daily.We don’t need to go through life alone if we trust in Jesus Christ.He offers guidance through His teaching, His leading our thoughts and His molding of character.If we sincerely seek God, we will find Him through the guidance of God’s Spirit in us.

To prepare, read John 14:15

August 2 | Filled with Confidence | John14:22-29


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Sometimes we lose our confidence because doubt or discouragement creeps into our thoughts. Is God real? Is Jesus worth following? When we’re filled with His Spirit, He gives us peace of mind that all He promised will happen. Jesus can be trusted when you’re filled. To prepare, read John 14:22-29.

August 9 | Filled with Love | John 15:1-17


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God’s greatest character quality for my benefit is His love. My deepest desire is to be filled with the same love that motivated Him to sacrifice everything so I could know Him. It’s love that heals, helps and empowers us to live the life God designed for us to experience. What happens when I’m filled with the love of God? To prepare, read John 15:1-17.

August 16 | Filled with Perseverance | John 15:18-16:4


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Sometimes life is hard, unfair and unpredictable.Even if I discover the love of God, I’m also promised that not everyone will appreciate me.Jesus said His followers would experience tough times at the hands of unjust and even evil people.But, He also promises to give us a spirit of perseverance in the trials.To prepare, read John 15:18-16:4.

August 23 | Filled with Conviction | John 16:5-11


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I have blind spots, things in my life that don’t belong there.I’ve done things I’m not proud of and hide things that I’m ashamed of.Why do I know this?Because I’m filled with the Spirit of conviction.When sin creeps into my spirit, His Spirit points it out.Then I can take care of the things that keep me from experiencing the life God intended.To prepare, read John 16:5-11.

August 30 | Filled with Truth | John 15:26-27 and John 16:12-15


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With so many messages bombarding me daily, how do I know what is true? Jesus promises the Spirit will reveal truth to me.He not only fills me with power and desire to overcome failure, He points me to what is real, best and right.When I can’t seem to find the answers, He fills me with His Spirit of truth.To prepare, read John 15:26-27 and John 16: 12-15.

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